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The Sorrows of Young Worthless
Brandon Holmquest

"Brandon Holmquest does this, Brandon Holmquest does that. But he does it all with a chip on his shoulder that no one would fucking dare knock off. Tricky, bristling, and beautiful, his poems stand akimbo and sad, generous and cranky. It's too bad these poems can't wallow in his exquisite sense of sorrow -- they're marred only by his wry, dry sense of perfectly-wrought humor. And the poems breathe BRANDON in a tricky mix of historical allusions and contemporary fuck-you's, each telescoping out from minutiae to glorious EVERYTHING -- only when you raise the telescope to your eye, you emerge with a shiner. In his work, Brandon's talking, always talking--as though to forestall something big and final and quiet. And who would ever want him to stop?"
-- Lauren Ireland

With photographs by Hugh Sansom of

Published Spring 2010
7" x 7" / 82 Pages

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