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Okay, Okay
Diana Hamilton

OKAY, OKAY is a book of poetry that appropriates other people's feelings. It deals mostly with crying and the places crying happens, though it shouldn't : at work, in bed, on the train, in the movies, etc. The book moves from a paranoid description of an office layout, to managerial complaints, to strategies for repressing emotions in public, to women crying during sex, to scientific investigations of the link between (female) crying and (male) arousal, making a last minute return to the office before ending in the kitchen of a country club. Cecila Corrigan writes that OKAY, OKAY is "super emo, which is what makes it rule so hard. [She] was reading it between parties and having drunk emo thoughtson the N train." Steven Zultanski writes that "unlike other poetry books, it seems as if [she] put time and work into it."

Published Spring 2012
7" x 7" / 68 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9848857-3-2

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