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Now We Are Friends
Robert Fitterman

In Now We Are Friends, Robert Fitterman takes on some of the prime features of our intensively-networked present -- the broad, continual scatter of personal information thru blogs, databases, and social networking sites; and its (frequently uncomfortable) return as the stray filaments find their way back to us and "that me" trumps "me me" in other social contexts. Now We Are Friends blows these effects up to archival proportions, replacing the momentary slip (that terrible drunken photo) with raw scale by pulling together all findable traces of one identity online or the adventures of a name: "Ben Kessler," circa 09/2010.

With "Coda: Following Rob," by Steven Zultanski.

Published Spring 2011
7" x 7" / 126 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9848857-0-1

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