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Truck Books is a small press specializing in contemporary writing at the fringes of literary production. Founded in 2009, our mission is to support currents in experimental writing that spring from a variety of sociological and technological bases, including work that explores vernacular languages, social and information systems, actor networks, brands and franchises, computer games and multi-user virtual environments, social media, affective labor, designed objects and Turing machines, geolocation tools, post-Fordist models of production, and the like. We also have a soft spot for work that makes us laugh. Based in Queens, New York, we collaborate with writers, artists, and photographers from the New York City area and beyond. Our books are sold at the lowest possible cost, and we offer free copies in portable document format for electronic access.

In the design of our books, we take direction from the International Style of the mid-twentieth century, with its clean, impersonal forms, its emphasis on what Richard Hollis calls "the flatness of the graphic surface," and its bold embrace of design as a technical medium -- attributes historically associated with the term "Sachlichkeit" or objectivity: plain, undecorated, neutral, technically derived. Our house style focuses primarily on the commercial and industrial designs of the 1950s and 1960s, rather than craft publishing and nineteenth-century "printerly" styles. As Hollis notes, "'Sachlich' contains the idea of factual reportage, and also of being functional." These attributes, associated in their time with technological optimism and socialist rationality, in our view equally fit the current "post-expressive" moment in writing.

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